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Workers' compensation and personal injury law in Tampa, FL

You shouldn't have to suffer in silence if you've been denied workers' compensation benefits. You shouldn't let an employer intimidate you from filing, either. When you're injured at work, get in touch with the Petruccelli Law Group.

Petruccelli Law Group takes on personal injury and workers' compensation law cases in Tampa, FL. The board-certified workers' compensation lawyer at our firm has 21 years of experience. His diverse legal experience will lend a fresh perspective to your case.

Contact us today to discuss your legal troubles with a dedicated workers' compensation lawyer in Tampa, FL.

5 reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer in Tampa, FL

A workers' compensation lawyer in Tampa, FL can make the compensation recovery process a lot easier. Here are a few ways we can do that:


We'll simplify the law

Since we know Florida laws inside and out, we can explain everything in simple terms.


We'll protect your rights

We'll work hard to make sure you get the compensation you're entitled to after an accident.


We'll challenge employers and businesses

We'll develop a smart case to help keep employers and businesses from taking advantage of you.


We'll file paperwork correctly and on time.

You'll know about important deadlines so you don't miss out on potential benefits.


We'll help you avoid problems instead of playing catch up

The earlier you hire us, the better chance you have at building a strong case.

Don't ignore your pain. It's important to notify your employer and seek medical treatment if you were injured at work. Reach out to us right away to schedule a free legal consultation.

Hire a lawyer who will fight for you

The workers' compensation, personal injury and disability lawyers at the Petruccelli Law Group won't take your injury lightly. We'll work tirelessly to get you fair compensation. You can trust us to use every legal resource at our disposal to give your case the best chance at success. Call us now at 813-906-7730 for the legal help you need.

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