A worker can get hurt on the job in any number of situations and occupations. When this happens, it is wise to contact our Tampa & Sarasota workers' compensation lawyers to guide you through the process.

At Petruccelli Law Group, our attorneys have more than 18 combined years of experience in this specific area of the law. Unfortunately, workers' comp claims can be challenging and the litigation process is full of minefields to get through. In these situations, a knowledgeable attorney can gather the facts of your dilemma and present the best case possible. We will negotiate on your behalf, while working toward a beneficial and expeditious resolution of the matter. If a satisfactory result cannot be reached through negotiation and settlement, we are prepared to represent you through trial litigation.

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A Dedicated Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Tampa & Sarasota, FL

We provide legal advice and representation to clients in Tampa, Sarasota and communities throughout Florida who have questions and concerns relating to workers' compensation claims, including:

Workers' compensation process

Workers' compensation litigation

Workers' compensation mediation

Lost wages and compensation

Denied claims

Medical benefits and rights

Catastrophic workplace injuries and death cases

Bodily injuries

Workers' compensation settlements

Automobile accidents while on the job

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Construction worker injuries

Health care professional injuries

We also handle other types of legal matters in the areas of:

Family law

Personal injury

Social Security Disability

If you have a question or situation not referenced on this website, we still encourage you to contact our law firm. Our lawyers offer a free initial consultation and if we cannot directly help you, we will provide a list of trusted referrals.

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